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Make Fake DNA Test Results

This article explains to steps, procedures and process to Make Fake DNA Test Results. We have designed our process to be simple, seamless and quick to complete. Our order form takes less than one minute to complete, and we promise to send your bespoke Fake DNA Results within 1 business hour.

What Real Genetics company do you use?

To ensure compliance, we have created our own DNA Testing company. Our “real” company have a realistic website, contact number and customer service team who will confirm that a report has been generated.

Do the Fake DNA Test Results Work?

Absolutely, we have not had a single person contact our team to say that the report did not work. Given how analytical our reports are, they work for themselves. From our experience, less than 1% of people call our real company to confirm the test took place and results are correct.  

What do the Fake DNA Results Look Like?

Our team have designed the DNA Test reports to be identical to those a real company produce. Our founding team consists of several individuals that have worked in the genetics and analytical industries throughout their career. These team members know exactly what a “positive” and “negative” paternity team result looks like, and the analytical data points to back that up. We have therefore created the most authentic result on the market.

Is it legal to Make Fake DNA Test Results?

Our Fake DNA Paternity Tests are strictly for novelty purposes only. We do not permit misuse of our reports and reserve the right to cancel any order which we suspect will be used for purposes other than novelty situations or practical jokes.

How to order Fake DNA Test Results

To order or Make Fake DNA Test Results, click on the “ORDER NOW” icon at the top of this page, or visit


  1. Britney

    I’m pregnant but the father isn’t who I wanted it to be and I want to do a dna to try to and prove to him it’s his kid I’m worried he’ll either call to see if it’s true or ask to do one

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