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Fake DNA Test Results Maker

Many clients ask us if we offer a Fake DNA Test Results Maker. The simple answer is yes, we offer a comprehensive yet simple to use Online Fake DNA Test Results Maker.

Fake DNA Test Results Maker

Our industry-leading Fake Paternity Test Results service is a proven solution in helping clients trick their friends, family and colleagues into the real identity of the paternal father.

Clients have used our service to trick their friends into believe that they are the secret lovechild of Sir Elton John! The client provided feedback and a great story how they revealed that Elton John was their father during a dinner party. As their house was filled with memorabilia and photos of the iconic star, their friends believed them. It was several weeks later when our client revealed that it was a practical joke and that he had used our services!

Fake DNA Test PDF

Our Fake DNA Test results are provided as a Fake DNA Test PDF. This ensures their authenticity as it makes it near impossible for you to have faked the DNA test results.

When placing your Fake DNA Test order, you must ensure that all information provided is correct as once the form has been submitted, our team will begin working on your Fake Paternity Test Results and the information you provided will be on the form (including if you have misspelled a name!). We therefore encourage all clients to check and double check all dates of birth, names and test results prior to submission.

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  1. Adriana

    Will it have contact information if the daddy decide to call and see if the information is real. And does it look real

    • admin

      Hi Laura, we do this as a real testing company would also ask for the same information. If you are not comfortable with disclosing this information, we will state [Undisclosed] on the report.

    • admin

      Hi Elly, all reports are sent in PDF format by email. If you need the report sending in the post, we recommend that you print the PDF report we send and post it to yourself.

    • admin

      Hi Diana, Our reports and websites do not mention that it is a fake. The service, paperwork and websites are truly authentic with no reference to it being a fake or imitation.

    • admin

      Hi Monroe,the report is 3 page in length and identical to that of a real test report. If we were to provide a sample of the report, it would have the potential of ruining past clients reports and the confidentiality of our service. I can confirm however that all payments are processed using PayPal so you have the option of reporting that the report was “not as described” should you feel that the report is not exactly how our website has described. Kind regards, Liam

  2. vov

    If a dna test has already been done can it use the same markers so the other parent doesn’t compare the two and they look different?

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