Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got a question? Please feel free to email or call our team.

Will “Fake” appear on my Bank Statement or PayPal account?

We ensure “fake” does not appear on your PayPal account or Bank Statement. A more generic term will be used on your bank statement charge.

Where are the Fake DNA Results sent from?

Our Fake DNA Test Results come from our real DNA Test company. Your partner will not suspect a thing!

Is my payment secure?

Absolutely, all payments are processed by PayPal ensuring we do not handle your financial information at any time.

Can I have my certificate straight away?

All DNA Certificates are processed and sent by email from our “real” company within 1 business hour.

What are your Business Hours?

The Business Hours of Fake Paternity Test and Fake DNA Test are:

Eastern Standard Time: 6am – 5pm

Pacific Standard Time: 6am – 2pm

Greenwich Mean Time: 8am – 8pm