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Fake DNA Test

Get a Fully Verified Fake DNA Test Report, proving you have taken a real DNA test.

You choose the “Names“ and “Results“. We send you a Fully Verified Report within 1 business hour!

The Fake DNA Test Report is emailed from a Local & Real DNA Testing Company.

If your partner contacts the real company, our team will confirm the DNA test results. We are sure they will believe you!

We have nationwide “Real” DNA companies in the following countries:

UK, Ireland, USA & Canada.

Questions? Call us on UK & Ireland: 0333 050 7082 | USA & Canada: 786-504-4708

Our Analytical DNA Reports are 3-4 Pages & Replicate a Real Report. 

The Local Company Branding and Contact Details are on the Fake DNA Test Results.


Fake DNA Test

Just £45 / $60 USD

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How it Works?

Simply fill out our online order form, detailing the names and results you want to appear on the Fake DNA Test Certificate.

Once your payment has been processed, you will be re-directed to our Real DNA Company website which details the simple method to collect the DNA samples. The site also contains a consent form for you to send with your samples.

Within 1 business hour, you will receive an email from the real DNA company containing your results.

We have tried, tested and refined this process hundreds of times so we know it works.

We guarantee that there is no link between the “Fake” and “Real” DNA company. 

Fake DNA Test Certificate

Just £45/ $60 USD

Secure PayPal Checkout 2

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