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Fake Paternity Test Results

In this article, our team guide you through the process to obtain Fake Paternity Test Results We operate a working website and customer service team for our “Real” Genetics Testing company, a company created by our team. This ensures our results are authentic and believable.

Fake Paternity Test Results

Our Fake DNA Paternity Results are both authentic and believable. Our analytical reports detail 21 loci data points, replicating the report produced by leading DNA Testing companies. Throughout the design of our Fake DNA Test reports, our team ensured they were identical to real DNA reports, albeit with our company branding and the results you want.

How to Make Fake Paternity Test Results

Ordering our Fake DNA Paternity Test Results couldn’t be simpler. The process begins by visiting or clicking the “ORDER NOW” button at the top of this page. Once on our order page, you will be presented with our Fake DNA Test order form which asks you to confirm the details of the person making the order, details of the alleged father and details of the child, Once submitted, you will be directed to our PayPal page where payment will be taken and our team notified of the confirmed order details.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Completing our Fake Paternity Test Results order form takes less than one minute. We only ask for an email address, the names, dates of birth and the results you want to appear on the report. All payments are processed by PayPal and their payment page is seamless and simple to use, both for PayPal account holders and those paying by card without an account. Once we have received notification of payment, our team will begin working on your report and guarantee to email the final Fake Paternity Test Report within 1 business hour.

Our team are operational 7 days a week, although we operate reduced hours at weekends, during public holidays and evenings. If your order is received outside of our business hours, we will begin working on your bespoke report as soon as our team are back in the office the following morning. We therefore guarantee to send your report within 12 hours, no matter what time you submit your order.


  1. Tierlene Ringo

    Hi, I’m trying to play a trick my step brother for an April fool. Cause he always get one on me and I really needs a good trick for him.

    • admin

      Hi Tierlene,

      We can certainly help with that! To order complete the details on our Order Form and we will have the report back to you within 1 business hour. We are sure it will work!

  2. Kira

    Hi I already took samples for me and the possible father but he haven’t saw them yet will I have to take another swab from u also or can u jus email me the fake results?

    • admin

      That is absolutely fine, our reports are generated based on your order form. We do not require or receive the swabs. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    • admin

      Hi Jaye, they most certainly do. Our reports are 3-pages in length and identical to what you would receive from a real company. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  3. May

    Can i just ask what the real company called is testing?
    I know its fake, but i need to know the company as he may look it up???

    • admin

      Hi May, for client confidentiality reasons we would not be able to disclose the name of our real testing company. The company operates like a real company with a customer service team, email accounts, company branding and website.

    • admin

      Hi May, we wouldn’t be able to offer this as a service. The company branding on the 3-page reports will be from our real testing company.

      • admin

        Hi, We are able to print and post the certificate however it would be double the cost. In order to proceed with postage, please order 2 reports and state in the notes section your full mailing address. Kind regards, Liam

      • Melanie

        How do I explain the swabs being done then the results an hour later?
        The email will show the time and date. It doesn’t make sense.

        • admin

          Hi, Although the results email is sent within 1 business hour, the result reports do not have a date or time printed on them. You are therefore able to show the report to your friends/family members at any time you see fit. Please call our team if you have any questions.

    • admin

      As with any mail order DNA Test Kit, the results are not valid in court. Results are only admissible in court if the samples have been collect in a controlled environment by an authorized clinician. It is also against our Terms & Conditions to use the results in a court of law. Although our results are identical to real test reports, our reports are for novelty purposes only.

    • admin

      We do not require the mothers name for the test report, only the alleged father and details of the children.

  4. Chelbie

    Are you sure these look real? I bought one from another website and it looks really fake. I’m trying to pull a prank on my dad and he knows what a dna test looks like lmao. I want to make sure I will be able to fool him

    • admin

      Hi, I can confirm that our reports are identical to those produced by a real testing company. All reports are 3 pages in length and show the analytical loci data points present on a real test report.

    • admin

      Hi, I can confirm that our reports are identical to those produced by a real testing company. All reports are 3 pages in length and show the analytical loci data points present on a real test report. Our clients do not leave any online reviews and we do not make any private client reviews sent by email public. This is to protect their identity and ensure their partners/friends/family members do not find out they have used our services. For added peace of mind, all payments are processed by PayPal meaning you benefit from their Buyer Protection Scheme. Please feel free to give our team a call if you have any questions or prefer to speak to a member of our team. Kind regards, Liam

  5. Danielle

    I’ve ordered a dna test from another company to find out if one of these two men are the father of my child I want to know the truth but in case the outcome is not what I want would they be able to tell if I swap over the results if I order a fake dna result

  6. amy stockard

    if my husband calls to verify the results are accurate will someone tell him so? also if he looks up your company it will be legit ?

    • admin

      Yes we certainly do, the real company customer service team will confirm the details on your order form. If your partner looks up the company, it will appear as a real genetics testing company.

  7. ashley

    if my partner calls to verify the results and starts asking questions.. like can you tell me if the baby is a boy or girl based off the blood test? should i put that in the notes? Also Can i put two possible fathers on the results but yall show only one is the real father and the other is not?

    • admin

      Hi, if you would like the results of 2 alleged fathers, you would need to purchase 2 reports. A real testing company would also request 2 different tests to be completed. Regarding your partner calling, if you could put the information in the notes section of the order form that would be great. The customer service team will confirm the details on your order form.

  8. Chell

    Can they call anytime to confirm the results even a week or two later ? And is it a real person answering the phones or robot?

    • admin

      Yes they are able to call several weeks/months after the test. Calls are answered by a real customer service team (not a robot).

  9. Klaire

    Does this work if I’m pregnant and so the dna? They’ve swabbed the father and blood tested me already but if the results come back different from what I want, will you guys test show results for an unborn child test?

    • admin

      Hi Kelly, Yes our reports do show whether the biological father is excluded or not excluded, along with providing a confirmation statement. The reports have our partnered real company branding on.

  10. Jelani

    If my child and I only each have one legal name would we just put our same name in for first and last..?
    In other words i would put like Jones Jones and she’d put Lucretia Lucretia..?
    So, if it is a mixed race child will that be clear..?
    And is it possible to show as coming from an Indonesian lab..?
    How does that work if someone calls the supposed Indo lab to check on their existence..?
    Would it show an Indonesian phone number..!


    • admin

      Hello, thank you for your enquiry. We do not have a lab in Indonesia so the results would come from either a US or British company. The phone number would also be a British or US number. If someone were to call the US or British company, they would confirm that they offer tests worldwide and samples are sent in from all corners of the globe. Kind regards,

  11. jack

    If we have already done a DNA test and so we know the correct loci markers, if I emailed you with the results could you make them the same but with a positive result? He would know they are different markers otherwise.

  12. Janie

    For all of you curious as to who actually purchased one- I did and the results are fantastic. The reports are identical to those produced by any other dna lab and I’m super happy with my purchase! Made my payment last night and woke up to the pdf in my email! Definitely worth the money!

    • admin

      Hi Laura,

      All our reports are sent by email. You are however able to print off the PDF attachment and mail it to yourself.

      Kind regards,

  13. Dyllon

    So will it look legitimate & 100% real & not have any marks on there that would even make anyone think its fake? Also, does it come with test swabs and tubes? Or would i have to get that from somewhere else?

    • admin

      Thank you for your enquiry. I can confirm that the report, email and company look completely legitimate. There is no mention of fake on the report, email, website or by the customer service team. The report does not come with the swabs and tubes however you are re-directed to the real company website which details what you need to purchase and includes a downloadable branded consent form.

    • admin

      Hi Charlotte, thank you for your enquiry. It should like our test is exactly what you are looking for. Please complete the online order form to begin the process. Alternatively, if you prefer you are able to call our team to discuss your requirements and the full process. Kind regards, Liam

    • admin

      Dear Dami, that is fine. We are also able to use the same loci results if you would like us to match the results for the alleged father (but changing the results to positive).

    • admin

      Hi Sha, yes this is possible. Please state your requirement in the notes section of your order form. Kind regards, Liam

    • admin

      Good morning,

      Yes we can put a date in the past. Please add the date in the “Special Instructions” field of the order form.

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