Fake DNA Test Kit

This article explains our Fake DNA Test Kit, what is included, how to Fake a DNA Test and How our Secure Ordering Process Works.

Order a Fake DNA Test Kit

We have designed our order process for a Fake DNA Test Kit to be simple, quick and efficient. Our online order form is found on our secure website https://www.fakednatest.com/order. There is also an ORDER NOW link at the top of this page which links directly to our Secure Online Order Form.

Fake DNA Test Order Form

Our online form order is very simple to complete and asks the most basic of details in order for us to generate the Fake DNA Test. The online form firstly asks for your name and email address. This is classed as the booking information. Secondly, we ask for the name, date of birth and race of the alleged father. Thirdly, we ask for the name and date of birth of the child. Fourth and finally, we ask for the result you would like to appear on the Fake DNA Results, i.e. is the alleged father the biological father or not.

Once you have completed the online form and your payment has been processed, our team will generate your Fake DNA Test within 1 business hour. It will be sent from our real genetics company.

The “Real” Genetics Company

Our real genetics company is a company created and run by ourselves. The company has an active online presence, email address, website and customer service team. The Fake DNA Certificate originates from this company, detailing the correct logo, branding and contact details. Should your family or friends wish to research the company, or visit the website, they will believe you.

We ensure that there is no link between the real and fake companies. We have even employed a technology detective agency to see if they are able to find a link between the two companies and they could not!

To find out more, visit https://www.fakednatest.com

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