Fake DNA Result

Fake DNA Test

The team at Fake DNA Test produce realistic and authentic Fake DNA Results for people looking to trick their friends and family. The Fake DNA Test results are used for many reasons including April Fool’s Jokes and Birthday Party Jokes.

What can the Fake DNA Result be used for?

Our Fake DNA Test Kit can be used to trick your friends in a huge range of circumstances, including:

  • Pretending the mailman is the father of your child
  • Pretending your husband is not the father of your child.
  • Pretending your sister was adopted and is not American but Canadian!

How does the novelty Fake DNA Result work?

To place an order, simply visit https://www.fakednatest.com/order where you are asked a series of questions on their online form. Once complete, you are redirected to our secure payment processor to make payment for $60 / £45.

Once the payment has been completed, you are redirected to their “Real” DNA Testing company, where you are given instructions on how to collect the pretend samples. At this point, you will also know the name of the company that are helping you carry out your practical joke.

Within 1 business hour, the Fake DNA Result will be sent to your email in the form a PDF. It is then up to you to carry out the joke!

What does the Fake DNA Test PDF look like?

The Fake DNA PDF Report is analytical in nature and consists of 3-4 Pages, replicating a real report. The Fake DNA Test Report is emailed from a Local & Real DNA Testing Company. The Local Company Branding and Contact Details are on the Fake DNA Test Results.

If your partner contacts the real company, the team will confirm the DNA test results. They are sure to believe you!

Example of Fake DNA Result

All thrilled for your best friend to return home? Want to pretend that they have missed so much while they were away? Our Fake DNA Test might be just the thing you need to create a memorable return home.

Pull off a fake DNA test prank on her by telling her that your child ‘s father isn’t really your husband, but a celebrity, mutual friend or high school crush.

To find our more, visit https://www.fakednatest.com/

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